Mystery Shopping for Good: Williams-Sonoma and Home Goods

There's a "shout out" and then there's a GOLDEN SHOUT OUT.  It’s almost certain, you will be asked to donate to some cause while shopping for gifts this season. But how did the cashier acknowledge your donation? Was there a thank you? Did you get to write your name on a paper angel or star that was displayed for the world to see? While I appreciate both of those approaches, my personal favorite: the “whole-store shout out."

Williams-Sonoma is golden when it comes to bringing the public recognition in a special way.   Each year, they support St. Jude’s during the holidays and it’s all about this golden bell they have strategically placed by the cash register. A bell that is only to be used when a generous customer agrees to donate at the time of purchase. Let me tell you, there is something thrilling about hearing that bell and seeing every customer turn their head to realize the goodness came from ME. I have to believe that bell has a reverberating effect!  

Home Goods thanks customers in a similar way, except they use the intercom to encourage employee-wide cheers for a donation to St. Jude's. This creates a whole-store celebration for a $1 donation! That’s an amazing return on investment if you ask me. Apparently, others agree because the cashier at my local store says they bring in $800 in donations per day.  

So, the next time you’re at Williams-Sonoma or Home Goods and they ask you to give — don’t say NO.  Trust me, it' worth every penny.