From Vendor to VIP

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Early in my career, I worked closely with the supply chain, forecasting ingredient needs and sourcing vendors. In a cross functional meeting, the supply chain team was first on the agenda and given a pass to leave when it was time to talk marketing and advertising. The ingredients, equipment and packaging had an understood, behind-the-scenes role in the consumer story. Fast forward to today, and it’s a different story. Supply chain, it’s your time to shine.  

This week, Peet's Coffee announced its People & Planet initiative reminding us that consumers do care and that a transparent supply chain is not just a proof point — it’s delivering on a brand promise.

The People & Planet program features curated coffees that highlight the brand's heritage of caring for farmer communities at origin and for the environment. With the purchase of each craft coffee Peet's wants you to know that they reinvest back into these coffee growing communities. The brand hopes to educate and empower consumers to make more impactful choices about coffee consumption.

Why we like this: it's not new, it's not a gimmick. Peet's decided to let their customers have a peak into its business practices. 

Are there opportunities in your own supply chain to share a story about how you are working to deliver value beyond your physical product?

As Millennials are moving into their prime spending years, they care about sustainable products and socially responsibly companies. According to the Nielsen Sustainability Imperative, 66% of Millennials globally are willing to pay more for sustainable products.  The majority said they would be influenced to purchase products that are 1) made with fresh, natural and/or organic ingredients; 2) produced by an environmentally-friendly company; 3) and part of a brand with a commitment to doing social good. Surprisingly, sales and coupons didn’t make the top 5 of the most influential reasons to purchase a product. Millennials care more about personal values than personal benefits.

So, the next time you order your Americano, consider the source. The quality of your drink goes well beyond the caffeine boost and starts with the people and places where it’s made.